Italian pasta recipe


Creamy Leek and smoked bacon pasta

I’m always in search of the meals that bring a smile to our faces and this leek and smoked bacon pasta is definitely one of those dishes.

If you are looking for a fast dinner idea, this is the one you can make in 15 to 20 minutes.

With only three ingredients, leek, bacon, and cream, you will make a deliciously gratifying sauce. All you need is to choose the pasta of your preference.

Easy Pasta Fazool recipe. Learn to make Pasta Fagioli like an Italian.

Today I’m going to teach you how to make a Pasta fazool – the traditional Italian pasta and beans dish, also often called pasta fagioli.

The version of this famous recipe you will be making today, of comes from Venice.

As this is not a vegetarian pasta Fagioli recipe, my dear vegetarian and vegan friends will need to exclude only bacon, and then they will be able to enjoy it fully.

Do you have your favorite Go-To Meal in the winter time?

Broccoli & sausage pasta

Broccoli is such a great vegetable. I just love it’s juicy trunk and flower full top. What I also like it’s how you can combine it in so many ways, never getting bored. One of the Italian traditional pasta recipes is for sure broccoli & sausage pasta

The combination of Italian fresh sausage and juicy broccoli is just delightful. Recipe for making broccoli and sausage pasta is easy to follow and for sure once you make it, this will become one of you fast Italian dinners that has all the ingredients needed – protein (both in sausage and broccoli), fiber from broccoli and carbs from pasta.

Spaghetti with capers and caramelized onions

Italian Spaghetti with capers and caramelized onions

is the recipe I have found in one magazine and immediately wanted to make it. I was curious how would onions and spaghetti taste together and I can just say you need to make this recipe. 🙂

I love the simplicity of ingredients and the rich flavor they give at the same time.

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