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Italian Chicken Involtini with bacon & cheese

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If you like the chicken, bacon and cheese this is the recipe for you.

Italian chicken involtini looks like a gourmet dish, but it’s actually very easy to prepare. This chicken dish is one of my favorite because of its crunchiness outside and soft juicy bites.

As preparation requires minimum culinary knowledge you can have fun preparing it with your kids.

Italian chicken involtini

Follow the four easy steps and make this delicious dish.

Italian chicken Involtini
Chicken preparation

Step 1

First, divide the whole chicken breast in two and remove any left over bones.

Slice each part in the thin long slices, the thinner the chicken will be it will be easier to roll it.

If you can’t slice it super thin, you can always level it up with the good old kitchen mallet.

Once you are done, sprinkle salt and pepper to taste (don’t exaggerate as you will add cheese and bacon and they are quite salty)



Italian chicken Involtini
Italian Involtini and cheese


Step 2

As the cheese slices were wider than my chicken, I have cut them in half length wise.

Roll the chicken making sure cheese stays inside as much as it can.

Place the rolls on a plate making sure that they don’t unroll.


Italian Involtini
Italian Involtini rolled up

Step 3

Take the bacon slices (I have used thin sliced pancetta to do it) and wrap it gently around the chicken making sure that  you cover it all around.

Use toothpick to keep it stay in one place.






Italian Involtini
Italian Involtini swimming in butter and olive oil and sage

Step 4

In your frying pan add 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, a spoonful of butter and several leaves of fresh sage.

Let the butter melt slowly and then add your bacon wrapped chicken.

Fry the chicken on low heat from all sides until it gets golden brown.


Serve with vegetables of your choice. I have made some baked asparagus to serve it with.

Italian Involtini
Ready to eat Italian Involtini

Buon Appetito!


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