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How to find work in Italy fast (for foreigners) if your Italian is at basic level

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How to find work in Italy and where to start from?

I wont be telling you stories how to find work in Italy in 2017 was easy, as it was not. Many people, especially those in their twenties have moved to other European countries in search for work.

find work in Italy
You can find work in Italy 🙂

However I have found many open work positions, they might not be a dream ones BUT its something you can start with.

As foreigners you have several options you can do immediately, and as you improve your Italian new opportunities will come. Before you start applying for jobs I would encourage you to get your documents ready.

1. Teach your language

It might not be your cup of tea, but it’s something you can start with. Nobody can speak a language as a native can, and that can be your big advantage. Your options might be private lessons or working in school.

find work in Italy
Find work in Italy by teaching others

You have a choice of type of school you want to work in. I have seen job announcements from private elementary and secondary schools, but also language schools.

In the past I have seen vacancies where companies were looking for English teacher, as they wanted to have full time support for their employees.

I have to mention that many years ago, when I could only say ciao, one Italian company employed me as an legal assistant only because my English was great. Manager of the company wanted his employees to talk to me daily and improve their English.

2. Teach a special skill or know-how

Do you have some special skills or knowledge people would pay to learn? Perhaps it’s in business, sport, craft or anything people would be interesting in.

Are you an experiences photographer that can hold classes and teach others? There are many people looking for ways to improve their skills. You can start your online course of photography and then organize a practical part with registered participants.

find work in Italy
Teach special skills in Italy

Or perhaps you have expert welder or a cook that travels the world and teaches workers in restaurants how to prepare exquisite meals? Those are all skills you can pass it on and get paid for.

Bring your certificates that can prove your certain skill as that will help you open doors and find work in Italy.

3. Take care of elderly or the household

Find work in Italy
Find work in Italy by caring for others

I have seen many women from eastern Europe in Italy taking care of elderly or disabled people. But I also have my dear friend Anita, whose mom runs the household for a retired wealthy judge.

He still works several hours a day and he is traveling a lot., so her duties are maintaining the house, cooking occasional meals and running errands.

She loves it. 🙂 He is very educated gentleman, the old kind, very respectful and quite reserved. Working for him has been a blessing as she lives in nice Venetian villa, has lots of free time and on top of all receives nice salary.

4. Take care of kids 

find work in Italy
Find work in Italy by taking care of kids

I was a nanny in so many countries and I loved it. It gave me a possibility to work hours I wanted and make money without too much fuss.

My last nanny jobs were in Atlanta USA in 2008/2009 and it was my first time I have requested that I be live out nanny. That gave me more freedom and free time.

In the past when I used to be live-in nanny, parents would come to me in my free time saying, do you mind watching the kids while I run to the store? Trust me, thats never 15-20 minutes and you don’t get paid for that extra time.

So choose wisely. Both live in and live out position have its pros and cons.

5. Become freelancer and make money

Have you ever thought you could write, take pics or do some digital work and get paid for it as a freelancer?

Since I moved to Bergamo I wrote and article about Bergamo and lake Iseo, which was published in Croatian business magazine. I wrote in my mother tongue and it was easy to express my self.

You can make a contract with a newspaper or magazine from your country and write on a weekly basis articles and news from Italy. You can easily become the outsourced reporter.

Find work in Italy
My article about Bergamo in Croatian magazine

6. Become a tour guide for people from your country

Many tourist agencies are on the lookout for the people who speak well foreign languages. They can teach you about the history and interesting detail about the city, life and you can be a perfect guide.

Knowing the tourist background and mindset it would give you substantial advantage in comparison to other guides.

Find work in Italy

Work as a city tour guide

7. Start import – export business with products from Italy or your home country

Living in Italy you will find lot of interesting products you could export to your home country. The same thing is valid for famous products from your homeland.

For example in Croatia (where I’m from) we pay parmesan cheese 30 euro per kg and here in Italy in stores I pay the better quality max 12 euros. Which means if I would purchase it at a wholesaler price, I would pay about 5-6 euro/kg and I could easily sell it to Croatian supermarkets.

Think about the products from Italy (they can also be a niche ones) which are always requested in your home land.

finding work in Italy
My favorite Croatian Mayo

Mayonnaise in Italy is nothing like the one Zvijezda makes in Croatia. They only seem greasy, but without that tingly taste. Zvijezda its delightfully made from fresh yolk and it has a right balance of creamy taste and perfect acidity.

Once my Italian friends taste it, they keep ordering it every time I go to visit my family. 🙂

8. Companies from your home country

In many cases it would be easiest to find branches of companies which originate from your own country. They might tollerate the basic knowledge of Italian if you are fluent in the language they use. And you would find work in Italy without having to hustle the usual process.

I know for a fact that Ericsson always employees Swedes on top position in every country. It’s not that they don’t trust local experts to lead the company but they prefer people who speak Swedish.

After several years in one place, company rotates the employees and there are big chances that you will not only change departments but countries also.

Make a list of global companies and write to them. Maybe they are looking just for you!

Let me know if you have other ideas what someone without knowledge of Italian can do in Italy.

Or stay tuned through my blog and discover all insights right from Italy without leaving comfort of your home

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Have a great one,

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