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How to make Italian bread crumbs mix (at home)

Are you looking for a way to make Italian bread crumbs from scratch? Then you are in the right place!

Let us start by explaining what are Italian bread crumbs and what are they made of.

The bread crumbs are considered one of the staples in Italian cuisine. We use it in so many dishes that’s it’s almost impossible to make some meals without it.

Even though you can buy breadcrumbs, in Italy women often make their own from dried old bread.

11 Aromatic Herbs Italians use daily

Welcome to the powerful world of Aromatic Herbs

Since I remember, my dad was making his special soup. HE called it special, because it looked like he had put half of a garden in it, together with all aromatic herbs he could gather. Crazy enough the soup was delicious, despite of the long green stuff sticking out. 🙂

I guess I was in a training from the early age. Now I can’t cook if I don’t have at least 1 herb.

Living in Italy I gained new insights and now I’m using even more fresh aromatic herbs than what I did in Croatia. Here is the list of my favorite aromatic herbs:

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