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Rolled zucchini with mozzarella and mortadella

How to make rolled zucchini with mozzarella and mortadella?

Have you ever tasted rolled zucchini with mozzarella and mortadella? I have discovered it only 2 weeks ago. đŸ™‚

We love zucchini and eat them at home very often. 2 weeks ago I have bought a new bunch and I wanted to try something different. I thought I would like to stuff them and I came across this super easy recipe.

You will love this recipe too, it’s very simple, although requires time to prepare.

Rolled frittata with ham and cheese

Rolled frittata is healthy and easy to prepare dish.

I’m always looking for an simple and fast recipes, something I can pull out when in rush or when I get unannounced visitors. Something I can whip in no time and feed the hungry troupers. In Italy frittata is go to protein source for then you are short of time or the ideas. đŸ™‚

Rolled frittata is one of those recipes. You can eat it warm or cold, as a main meal served with salad or as a appetizer. You can fill the rolled frittata with many kind of ingredients, but in this basic kind I have used only ham and cheese as a classic filling.

rolled frittata

Best POTATOES Recipe Ever

You need to try this Potatoes Recipe

I’m always in search for Best Potatoes Recipe as my Marco adores them. I can literally make potatoes every day and he would not complain. He would ask for more, the next day. đŸ™‚

So, I cook them, bake them, smash them đŸ™‚ and do all kinds of stuff and he loves it. I often experiment with spices and methods and that’s how my funky ideas come to creations. Not all of them are amazing, but they are edible. đŸ™‚ How he says: è commestibile. đŸ™‚

Today I will share one of the potatoes recipes I have discovered recently and I love it. Making potatoes this way you will get creamy texture inside and crunchy flavored on the outside.

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