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Easy Chicken in White Wine Sauce (no cream)

This amazing recipe for chicken in white wine sauce will change your chicken breast cooking game. Forever! 😉

One bite into this chicken and will you become addicted. I guarantee it, I swear by it, as I have tested it on so many of my friends and family members. Trust me! Give it a try!

To make this easy chicken in white wine sauce you do not need to have a slow cooker or instant pot, you can make it in your regular frying pan in 15 minutes.

You know already that I’m all about easy recipes, few ingredients, and short cooking/baking time. This is one of those recipes too.

However, don’t be mistaken to think that if something is so simple it cant be delicious.

This chicken in white wine sauce is a low-fat and dairy-free dish and keto-friendly.

Old Fashioned Italian Meatballs ‎| Oven Baked Meatballs

Why old fashioned Italian meatballs might become your most popular dish?

In the world of million meatballs recipes, my favorite is definitely the Old fashioned Italian meatballs!

Why? Well, there are several reasons, but let’s just name a few:

They are juicy, delicate, versatile and super easy to make.

In Italy, meatballs are like a base of good old Italian home cooking. Every grandma makes several types and combines them with different side dishes.

We cook them in tomatoes sauces, we bake them, we fry them, we even stuff them with cheese. You name it and for sure Italian’s have a version of it. 🙂

Simple and healthy canned tuna and green peas recipe

Canned tuna and green peas are one of my favorite fast dinners!

You know those times when you need to eat something warm, something with the spoon, something healthy and something that you can make within the 30 minutes?

Yes, for those times canned tuna and green peas are the perfect dish.

I like to add a scoop, let’s call it a big scoop of sour cream on top of this yummy dish. The sour cream will balance the sweetness of green peas and the saltiness of tuna. It will give it that perfect creamy texture also.

Plus if you overdo with salt, the sour cream or thick Greek yogurt will southe that and give it that perfect kick of acidity too.

Easy Pasta Fazool recipe. Learn to make Pasta Fagioli like an Italian.

Today I’m going to teach you how to make a Pasta fazool – the traditional Italian pasta and beans dish, also often called pasta fagioli.

The version of this famous recipe you will be making today, of comes from Venice.

As this is not a vegetarian pasta Fagioli recipe, my dear vegetarian and vegan friends will need to exclude only bacon, and then they will be able to enjoy it fully.

Do you have your favorite Go-To Meal in the winter time?

Stuffed Eggplant

Prepare Stuffed Eggplant as Italians from Naples would do it! 🙂

I am definitely a person that likes new experiences, tastes, new things and with that comes experimenting with recipes like this stuffed eggplant from Naples.

I just love the idea of how big and diverse Italy is, and how every region has its traditional recipes and favorite flavors. You can literally eat the meal that has the same name but different taste.

Smoked salmon with spring onion

Your ideal brunch – smoked salmon with spring onion

Do you like fish? What about the smoked types? I love smoked salmon. As for me I could eat it few times a week and I never get tired of it. You can combine it with so many ingredients to give it always a new taste and look. Recently, I have discovered this smoked salmon with spring onion recipe and I looove it!

For sure I recommend it for a quick and healthy dinner or lunch.  For sure your girlfriends would enjoy it as a Sunday brunch too.

Italian Chicken Involtini with bacon & cheese

If you like the chicken, bacon and cheese this is the recipe for you.

Italian chicken involtini looks like a gourmet dish, but it’s actually very easy to prepare. This chicken dish is one of my favorite because of its crunchiness outside and soft juicy bites.

As preparation requires minimum culinary knowledge you can have fun preparing it with your kids.

Italian chicken involtini

Follow the four easy steps and make this delicious dish.

Best PORK cutlets (in 3 easy steps)

Best pork cutlets you have eaten in a while

Growing up we didn’t eat a lot of meat, it was kind of Sunday specials. During the week we would eat veggies, rice, pasta and combinations of the above. But Sunday, boy, that way always a feast.

Now I’m all grown up and I eat meat whenever I feel like it. Maybe, even a bit too much. I do my fair share of experiments and I that’s how I got this delicious best pork cutlets recipe.

Italian Polpette – simple recipe everybody will love you for

 Say polpette, Italian polpette 🙂

Two years ago, when I moved in with my boyfriend, we didn’t have a kitchen in our apartment. We ate all our meals prepared by my suocera (mother in law in Italian). And we ate so much food, maybe even a bit too much.

I’m saying that after I have rounded myself with extra 20 kg. It was not her fault… I simply couldn’t resist her food. Even when I was full, I would find the space for that extra bite. 🙂

Open sandwich – The Italian way

Are you in search of a perfect, crunchy, warm open sandwich?

If yes, then you have come at the right place.

I have to say that sandwiches, piadina’s or pizza’s have become our traditional Sunday dinners. They are easy to make and just delicious. If I have not idea what to make for dinner they are like my secret weapon. Always hitting at the bulls eye!

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