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How to make Lamingtons

I remember making Lamingtons when I was a child. Didn’t know it was a famous Australian dessert back then. It was a cake I was making with my sisters while messing up the whole kitchen counter with coconut spilling all over.

For years it was a staple dessert we would make. I guess we loved the coconut and chocolate combo and how simple it was to make it.

I still love the Lamingtons for the same reason. πŸ™‚

Easy Italian Butter Cookies (12 kinds – same dough!)

Let’s talk about Italian butter cookies. What’s there to say apart from that they are so easy and so much fun to make.

You only need 4 basic ingredients and some yummy decorations and you can make a whole bunch of these incredible butter biscuits.

Kids would love to make them too. So if you are looking for a recipe that is kid-friendly, look no further. πŸ™‚

Italian Cream Puffs with Vanilla Cream

Birthdays have always been special in my Croatian family and now my Italian one is exactly the same. We celebrate, we eat, we drink and we are loud. In December we have celebrated the 74th B’day of my father in law and as usual, I have made his favorite Cream puffs with vanilla cream or how we call them in Italy, Bigne con la crema pasticcera.

Mini Apple Pies

How to make yummy palm-size apple pies? (Even if you have no idea about baking?)

How about mini apple pies that you can serve without mess or bring to work without worrying it would crumble away in your bag.

Baked pears with hazelnuts, cinnamon and orange

Baked Pears – easy Italian dessert

Do you struggle to eat fruit on a regular basis? How about if I told you, that you can eat the fruit in the form of a dessert?

What about pears! They are fruit! But hey, they are my yummy dessert too! How about that?!

If that is your case I’m gonna teach you how to make this super tasty fruit dessert. Today we going to be making some baked pears!

How to make Pavlova cake? Easy Berry Pavlova Recipe. Large Pavlova cake.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when somebody says Pavlova cake?

My mind immediately gets filled up with the idea of a sweet and crunchy base with fresh whipped cream and fruit on top.

Do you get the same kind of idea?

I love Pavlova cake because there are many versions and it’s hard to say which one is the “best Pavlova recipe”!

There is a Mini Pavlova, Large Pavlova, Wreath Pavlova, Layered Pavlova cake, Pavlova with flat meringue base or the one that looks like a cup.

Crostata di marmellata (Italian Tart with Jam)

Learn to make Italian Crostata di marmellata (Italian Tart with Jam) and your friends will love you even more! πŸ™‚

I love all kinds of crostata di marmellata and their versatility. You can make them with all kinds of jam and in all kinds of shapes. πŸ™‚ Big or small they are one of my favorite Italian desserts.

Typically the pastry for crostata di marmellata needs to rest in the fridge and when you are trying to form it later it brakes easily.

That’s why I will show you today a SUPER easy recipe I have made yesterday and it’s small leftovers were also delicious this morning. Usually, the large quantity of butter in doe makes it more breakable but since we have added yogurt it will become more workable and less caloric. πŸ™‚

Apple pie – easy and delicious

Apple pie or Torta di Mele in Italian

Apple pie is the dessert we make often at home. It’s simple to remember ingredients, I can make it fast and most of the times I have all the ingredients already at home.

As I like to test out variations of apple cakes this is just the first one I will be sharing with you here. πŸ™‚

What I love about apple cakes is that my whole house is sweet smelling when I’m making it, it’s crumbling when I’m eating it and that it tastes even better the next day when all the flavors penetrate.

Apple pie

I have made this recipe for the first time and I have learned a few things I will share with you.

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