About me

I’m Slavica, but my friends and people I love call me Slavi…so you can to. I know, Croatian names are hard to pronounce, but you can do it with a little practice.

I wanted to invite you to join me, as I explore Italian food, culture, build relationship and travel around Italy. ๐Ÿ™‚

My Italian journey started when in August 2013 I met Marco on the last evening of my vacation on Croatian island Krk where we was staying for a month. We spent less than an hour together, but it was enough to create a spark and the rest is a history.

I have moved to Italy in February 2015 from a capital million people city to a small village with less than 1000 souls.

So, you can imagine transfer from the busy crowded streets to a calm nature.

However they both have in common one thing….curious neighbours. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I’m living in suburbs of Bergamo, working as a marketing expert in one small family owned company and I’m preparing daily yummy Italian recipes which I want to share with the world.

My background is in fashion and marketing industry, where I worked for many years. I can make a good marketing plan but also I can do a great selection of outfits from the warehouse full of stuff.

I have many passions, which are not all even connectable.

I love vibrant colors, DIY projects, spontaneous visits of friends, small surprises and I love to cook for others

I see my self as a spiritual person and Im always looking for ways to improve my self and to be better for myself and people around me.

I’m amateur artist who paints when the inspiration arise, I like to share know how and teach people from my mistakes. I’m a hugger and can drink lots of coffe and a glass of a good red wine. I collect ridiculous amount of pink shade lipsticks and red nail polishes as if I’m still searching for that special one.

When I used to live in London friends called me chatterbox and that didn’t change much over the time. I talk, laugh and get silly all the time.



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