About me

I’m Slavica, but my friends and people I love, call me Slavi.

I would like to invite you to join me, as I explore Italian food, culture, build relationships, and travel around Italy. 🙂

My Italian journey started when in August 2013 I met Marco on my vacation on Croatian island Krk. We spent less than an hour together, but it was enough to create a spark and the rest is history.

I’m an amateur artist who paints when the inspiration arises, I like to share know-how and teach people from my mistakes. I’m a hugger and can drink lots of coffee and a glass of good red wine. I collect ridiculous amounts of pink shade lipsticks and red nail polishes as if I’m still searching for that special one.

I love vibrant colors, DIY projects, spontaneous visits of friends, small surprises. For me, it’s a pleasure to cook for others. I have the same thrill making food for one as for 10.

I see my self as a spiritual person and I’m always looking for ways to improve my self and to be better for myself and the people around me.

For me, building relationships is the essence of life and what makes it so special is that every new person brings something different and unique.

If you ever find your self in Bergamo let me know and we can create some cooking memories together. 🙂



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