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9 Tips to learn Italian fast (before your trip to Italy)

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Learn Italian fast and have fun along the way

Many people are admiring how I have learned Italian so fast and with such rich vocabulary. They want to know what’s the secret. Well, what I say is: There are no TRICKS or SECRETS. 🙂

What you need is combination of fun elements which will help you make progress faster than any traditional language school.

1. Listen, listen, listen

learn Italian fastBabies learn languages by listening!

They listen for months before speaking the first simple words.

Adults try to memorize the phrases immediately without giving it time to sink in naturally.

If you want to learn Italian fast, you need to listen the language on daily basis. You can listen the radio, tv or audio books.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand immediately all of the words or even none. You will remember subconsciously what you have heard and when the time comes your brain will remember it.

 2. Start small

It might seem irrelevant to you, but one new acquired word or expression per day is one you didn’t know yesterday. In learning a new language the most important thing is continuity. You need to do something small, but you commit to it every day.

3. Play & Learn

Adults often think that  playing is for kids. However it’s proven that when we are in relax state, we absorb info easier and without pressure.

Imagine if you have to learn something for a test (feel the pressure, time limits, expectations, grades) and now imagine learning by playing, painting or doing something you like. While playing you don’t feel the pressure, you are having fun. When you are learning naturally and without burdening your brain, you will remember it for longer.

4. Visit Italy

learn Italian fastThere is nothing better than practice what you have learned in the Italy where you can find people to talk to on every corner.

Italians are know as the people who don’t speak foreign languages easily, so they will welcome your broken Italian with an open arms. 🙂

They love when foreigners speak their language and will support you with patient listening and helping you find right words to express yourself.

Let’s put it in simple words, the more you sweat, less they have to by speaking your language. 😉

5. Practice with kids and you will learn Italian fast

For sure you have talked to a lot of kids in your life. Did you notice how they talk? They use simple words and they use them continuously. Kids are like parrots. Very repetitive.

Practice your new language with kids. They are forgiving and fun to talk to, Kids will also correct you if you make mistakes (what most of the adults will not do in order not to embarrass you).

6. Read

9 Tips to learn Italian fast (before your trip to Italy)You might tell me, why would I read the book in the language I don’t understand. It doesn’t make any sense.

Even if you don’t understand the meaning, read the words. While reading your brain will connect the words you have heard before with what you are reading and will help your learn faster.

It will also help you tremendously with spelling.

You can find many interesting topics on the web or you can buy newspapers/magazines/books and browse through.

Kids books are a great source in learning an Italian, as they are written in a simple language, ideal for beginners.

7. Find support group

I just love being part of fun groups. It’s easier to grow new skills if you have support. If you can’t find any group where you can get support to learn Italian fast, start your own and invite others to join you. 🙂

8. Watch TV

Every language has its specifics…accents, gestures, dialects. When we watch others talk, we imitate them and learn by copying.

Have you notice that babies look at our mouth while we talk (if you didn’t, watch them closely next time) that’s because they learn by observing. I would encourage you to copy babies strategy and observe pronunciations and accents until you will be secure in your own.

9. Celebrate

learn Italian fast Learning Italian is fun, but it takes time and effort.

Celebrate your achievements and progress on regular basis and you will be motivated to continue.

Make a small goals and every time you achieve it – celebrate!

I’m preparing amazing Italian lessons which will change your way of learning Italian.

These simple lessons will help you learn Italian in non traditional way you could only dream of.

If you want to learn Italian fast sign up below.



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